Bringing the latest tech to the legal sector.

Want to join a world class team of technologists and legal experts?

Basement Crowd is a modern, tech oriented legal startup – we run cross functional teams made up of product, front-end and back-end engineers all working together. We currently have three products live on the market (see our products page for the latest details) and teams work across the products depending on what features or projects are prioritised.

We encourage an open, collaborative working culture, and one of learning and personal development. We encourage our team to partake in learning activities to develop their skills and understanding. We have also run several “Friday initiatives” – including book clubs, lectures, brown bags, team lego building and hack days. The initiative that has outlasted all others is our monthly hack-dat. Currently, every 4th Friday is a hack-day where all the engineering team are free to work on any project of their choosing, which has resulted in two tools that are now deployed and used by the wider company, as well as having built a table-tennis league ranking app and a machine learning powered movie recommendation system.

Obviously a lot has changed over the last two years during the pandemic and we are still adjusting to what the new normal might look like. The engineering team has worked from home for the duration of the pandemic, with the office re-opening when allowed within government restrictions and guidance. Some of the team have opted to go into the office more regularly, one or two days a week, when allowed, where as some team members have only attended the office a couple of times since the pandemic started. We are open to flexible and remote working options but also have a central London office space for those times when people want to meet face-to-face.

World class team

We are a team of engineers, designers and product managers working hand-in-hand with experts from the legal field.

Central London office

Our spacious Central London office offers great amenities including fresh coffee and ping-pong table.

Proven track record

Our founding team has a track record of creating, growing and exiting successful technology businesses.

Technology at the cutting edge

We use the latest technologies such as Scala, React and Docker.

Our open roles

If you’re interested in joining Basement Crowd, please get in touch at